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pztrn's Projects

Welcome to my projects page. Here I document all my projects, both open source and closed source.

Open Source projects

Here is a list of my open source projects with their statuses.

You can also take a look at my Gitlab which is a primary source for my development. Repositories from there usually mirrored to my account or even on github.

Also there are some projects that is hosted only at github.

Active projects

These projects are currently in development (active or not so).

Project Description
Docker containers Dockerized things by me. Plenty of them. No-limit-registry included.
Fast Paste Bin A very fast pastebin which works without javascript and can be deployed as single binary.
giredore go-import redirects done (and served) right.
Metricator Simple HTTP server which crawles Prometheus metrics and exports them as separate API endpoints. Useful for classic NMSes like Nagios, NetXMS and others.
NetXMS things Some things for your NetXMS installation, like DCI templates.
sec SEC stands for “Simple Environment Configuration” and provides really simple way to configure your application. Really simple, no maps or slices included.
valiwork Validations done easy. Work, not validate!

Archived projects

These projects aren't in active development. You can fork them if you like or send a PR.

Project Description
bulpherjs bindings for gopherjs. I wish I could get back to it sometime…
discordrone Drone CI plugin for pushing messages about CI/CD things into Discord channels using webhooks.
excelator Simple program in Go that will filter data from Excel file based on passed keyword.
flagger Arbitrary CLI flags parser, like (okay, not so) argparse in Python.
Go's licensing processor An utility that parses application's dependencies, gets their licenses and copyright information and writing gathered data into report file.
gonews NNTP server written in Golang.
go-uuid Pure Go implementation of Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) variant as defined in RFC-4122. Actually in use but not in active development.
Hexchat extras for bitlbee users Hexchat plugin which should make your life with Bitlbee much easier and nicer.
inn2-fudforum-auth FUDForum authentication provider for INN2 (NNTP server).
ihava Ihava is an DNS-SD and mDNS server written in Go aimed to make generic systems and network administrators happy. Read as “avahi done right”. Not working ATM.
ipshow Simple tool that uses Zenity to show computer's IP address(ses). Have plans to use gtk3 bindings for it and get rid of Zenity.
lbtds Load Balancer that doesn't suck. Was actually working, not in use for couple of years already.
Open Slack API Server This is an open-source implementation of Slack API server that can be used to integrate applications into each other using Slack API. Initially this project was created for integrating Gitlab and Gitea into Matrix, because there was no good incoming webhooks support. But it can be used for anything that provides Slack Webhooks support.
regius A comprehensive (in plans) framework for writing GUI, CLI and server applications in Python.
reporebuild Simple (okay, not so) script to build a personal repository for Arch Linux using packages from AUR.
stabonator Create stubs for your services with ease from single YAML.
urtrator Urban Terror launcher and profile manager in Go and GTK.
yandexmail-desktop Electron wrapper around
yggdrasil network nodes crawler Yggdrasil nodes crawler written in Go and usable as library.
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